Protecting systems and information from cyber threats is an overwhelming challenge. Cyber Research can help…



We assess your organisation’s capability and resilience to Cyber-attack. We help manage risk by devising pragmatic strategy and security programs that will mature your cyber security capabilities and resilience.


We test your cyber security defensive capabilities so you can improve them. We offer comprehensive penetration testing capabilities for networks, web, mobile, proprietary software and industrial controls. Our Red Teaming testing capabilities put entire organisational human, physical and technology defences to the test. We find the technical holes that hackers exploit and fix them.


We secure your organisation with managed security services and security operations centres delivering 24 x 7 services that improve protection and create resilience. We educate your staff on cyber security threat so you can create a human-firewall that protects your business every day.

Our services include

Security Audit, Risk Assessment and Advisory Services

Security Strategy and Planning


Penetration Testing

Red Team Assessments

Cyber Security Education

Anti-Phishing Education (simulations)

Managed Security Services

Security Operations Centres

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