Our mission is simple: to protect your organisation from cyber risks.

We bring together deep expertise and best of breed software to deliver world class cyber security. We assess, test and implement security controls to make your business safer. We offer a refreshing, practical and authentic approach that helps executives prioritise and deliver real security improvements. We offer outsourced security operations services that monitor, protect and continually seek to improve your defensive capability. We take pride in providing the most realistic form of security testing through our Red Teaming and Penetration Testing capabilities. We are members of AUSCERT, NZITF and CREST – organisations dedicated to improving cyber security.

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What our customers are saying

“They tested us and developed a strategy which completely transformed the cyber security of our business to a point where I can finally sleep at night knowing our customers are protected as well as possible.”

CEO, Large Software Company

“We suspected, but we never really knew the risks until Cyber Research showed us where we were risking our customers’ data, our reputation and our future business.”

CIO, Large Online Retailer

“Before we engaged Cyber Research we never really knew if our IT investments were making a difference to security. Now we have the proof and we’ve been able to target the right money at the right things.”

CIO, Large Health Care Organisation