Around-the-clock cyber security for your company


Cyber Research is a specialist cyber security company in Australia and New Zealand. We provide affordable 24/7 monitoring in our security operations centres, security assessments and strategy, penetration testing and expert consulting.

We are your frontline partner in cyber protection.


We help your organisation to identify and manage information security risks


We assess, test and secure

organisations from cyber threats


Whatever the risk, Cyber Research has the expertise to help you achieve better defences.

Cyber cloud security

Security Assessment

Measuring your organisation’s capability and resilience to cyber attack


Penetration Testing

Finding the hidden security gaps that let attackers in to your systems and applications, and closing them.

Security Operations Centres

Fully outsourced security services providing 24 x 7 cyber security for your operations.

Red Teams

The most realistic way to assess your security capability and find gaps, putting people, proceses and technology to the test.

Cyber Strategy

Creating your organisation’s long term response to cyber risk

Cyber Education

Training your staff to be vigilent against attack, working with Boards to help them define cyber risk.

What our customers are saying

“Cyber Research has the best quality security testing and capability I’ve seen – their expertise and results beat the ‘big four’ hands down. Cyber Research are our long-term security partner.”

CIO, Government

“Very impressive – they quickly exposed the holes other security companies we’d used before didn’t find.”

CIO, Global Telco

“They made us think about security in a way we’d never thought and they found gaping issues in our company’s systems that we didn’t know were there. We are much better protected now”.

CFO, ASX Top 50 Company

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